How to Take WordPress Backup in Google Drive with the Updraft Plus Plugin – Automatic Daily Backup

Take WordPress Backup in Google Drive Daily: In today’s post, we will talk about security related to the blog. Today I will tell you how to take WordPress backup from the Updraft Plus plugin, also directly in Google Drive.

I wrote a post in the past, in which I told you about taking a full backup of the blog with the help of plugin, but you can only manually backup it and it can not happen that you can download 200-500 data per day, Therefore, it is important that there should be such a way which can automatically get uploaded your blog’s backup in your own Google Drive daily without doing anything manually.

If you do blogging, and if you do not want to waste your hard work, then you must take a daily backup of your blog.

Many Pro bloggers are suggesting about the updraft plus plugin, so I thought we should use it, but if you have to take a backup of it directly in your google drive, then you have to do some setting for it first. That means updraft plus will have to allow it to go in your google drive and for that, you have to give your API key for updraft plus. So let’s see how API key is set up so that you get daily backup saved in your drive.

How to backup from the Updraft Plus Plugin to Google Drive (Take WordPress Backup)

First of all, you have to install the Updraft Plus Plugin in your WordPress blog. Just go to the dashboard and click on Plugin> add new and you can search and activate updraft plus plugin. Keep in mind the name of the plugin updraft, and more than 1 million people are using this plugin.

After the plugin is activated, you can go to settings and open the updraft plus plugin. Now click on setting in its dashboard. In the setting section, first of all, select daily in the backup. If you want, you can take a backup of the blog every four hours. I’ll recommend this daily.

After this, there comes the option below where you want to place your backup. You can select more than one source in which you can save your backup. Here again, I will recommend google drive again. You can click on google drive. Now leave this window here and click here to login to Google’s developer account. Simply use your email and password to log in.

After this, you have to setup an API for the drive. For this, click Drive API in the Gisuit API. After clicking, the option to enable API will appear, enable the API by clicking on it.

Click the credentials as shown in the picture in the next screen and click on the 0auth consent screen. It will be written in your email address. You do not have to do anything in it, just save it to it.

After saving, you will get the option to create credentials on your screen. You have to click on it and again create a Clint ID by clicking the 0auth Clint ID.

After clicking, the option to create client ID will come. First of all, let us click on the web application. After that, write the updraft in the name.

Then copy and paste the URL of your site’s homepage. Now to add a link to auth URL in the last one, once again you go to the settings of the UpdraftPlus plugin in your WordPress dashboard, you will see a URL, you copy it and paste it here. Then click Create.

Clicking on your Clint ID and Clint Secret will appear on your screen. Now you have the option of copying Clint ID first and paste it into the updraft settings page in your WordPress, paste it there. After that, copy the second url in the same way and paste it there.

Ok Done Now your half of the work has been done.

Now you have to do another job. You have to click here to add a group of google which is to allow permission for the risky app.

After joining the group, you can go to the dashboard again and click on the option to verify it. After clicking, you simply click on Allow. Carefully clicking on Allow means that you are allowing updraft to save your data in your drive. To say it means that you are giving it the right to manage it.

If everything goes well, then there will be a message of success in your dashboard. In the meantime, if there is an error, there is nothing to panic. It may be that we have setup the API shortly before, so some error is coming or if you want to go to your API dashboard to check whether your API is enabled or not. If not enabled then you will be able to try it again.

Congratulations! Your blog is now fully set up. You will also get a conform email from Google that the updraft has been connected. Now the daily backup will be saved in your drive. You do not need to do anything.


You may have a little problem setting up the updraft plugin but I think the pro blogger recommends that so we should use this. One more thing I would like to say is that the drive you want to use for backup should be made from an email account which nobody knows about, because your email may also be hacked. You can enable 2step verification on your Gmail, which can keep your email account safe to some extent.

So friends, In this way you can Take WordPress Backup daily without doing manually. if you want that your hard work is not wasted and your blog is also safe, then you must use this updraft plugin and if you have any problems coming to setup you can get help in the comment box. Hope you liked this post, you must share this post on your social media so that they can get help too.

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