What are Google Forms and How to use it?

Hello, Readers! Today we will learn what Google Forms are, and how to use Google Forms. We keep separate paper forms for many things in our daily life such as driving license, admission, jobs, open bank account etc. But now the time has changed, now for most of the work, online forms are filled on the Internet.

That is, now every school, college, banks, govt. Departments, etc. all give the option of filling an online form on their respective websites, which will store all your filled information in that website’s database. That is, you can say forms are used to collect information about anyone on the Internet.

Now if a person who has no website, has no knowledge of computer programming and he wants to take feedback about his company, idea or event, Want to register for an event online, Wants to conduct an online exam or some kind of online survey So Google Forms is a very useful tool for that.

What are Google Forms?

Google Forms is a free tool of Google that you get inside Google Drive. With the help of Google Forms, you can create online surveys, tests and web input forms, and then share those forms to your audience with the help of emails or other social methods. With which you share the Google Form, the user submits their response in that form and then all his filled information is saved in the Google Sheets (Like MS Excel). And then you can see all the responses in those sheets. Apart from this, you can also download that sheet on your computer or mobile.

Even if you only have basic knowledge of computer, you can still create Google Forms very easily. In the user-friendly interface of Google Forms, you will have many useful tools and features that help you create Google Forms as you like and manage the response to that form from google spreadsheet.

How to Create Google Forms

First of all, login to google drive from your Gmail id. After you login into google drive, you can click on New >> More >> Google Forms.

You will now see a sample google forms in front of you. Now, first of all, you have to understand all the elements then you can create google forms. I have explained all elements below with details.

1) First of all, you have to give a name to your google forms i.e. what you are creating a form such as Contact Form, New Post Suggestion, Friends Dairy, Online Test, Online Survey etc. Below it, you have to write a description of the form, that is, it is not necessary to write some brief information, you can leave it blank if you want.

2) As a sample, you get a form element with Google forms. Google Forms also has different elements like website form, which can be used to create any form of the short answer, multiple choice, check boxes, drop down, date and time etc. i.e. you can use them all.

If you want to change the default form element (multiple choice) and you want to use another element, then you have to click on (a) where you will see all the elements like below image.

Click on (b) to write your question, in place of (c) you have different options according to form elements, by clicking on (d) you can create a duplicate element of this form element, You can delete this form element by clicking on (f).

(g) If you enable the Required option, then the user will need to respond, without this form can’t be submitted and the user won’t be able to go to the next section. (h) Clicking on it gives you additional features of form elements such as validation, shuffling, go to section based on answer etc.

3) You get the some some options on right side of Google Forms, (a) in which you can add more elements to your google forms (b, c, d) with this you can add any text, image, video (E) With this you can divide your form in the section, i.e. the user will be given the next button to move to the next section.

4) From here you can change the color of your Google Forms header, see the preview of Google Forms, and change the settings.

5) Once you click on the Send button, a form will appear in front of you, whose image you are looking down now. You can link this form to your emails by clicking on (a) , Clicking on (b) will give you a link to this form which you can share anywhere. Clicking on (c) will give you the code that means that you can add this Google Forms to your blog or website. (D) By clicking on it, you can share the link to this form on social media.

What is Google-Forms Responses?

When you send Google-Forms to someone and he/she fill out that form, then all its filled information is displayed in the Responses tab. Where you can see summaries together with all the responses by clicking on (a) 

You can check individual responses by clicking on (B). you can export all responses to google spreadsheet by clicking on (C). you can download or delete all responses in excel in (D) section. In (E) you can disable responses.

So in this way, you can easily create Google-Forms and can share to anyone you want. Hope you liked this, If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post, then comment below and share this post with your friends.

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