How to delete WordPress Post Revisions without Plugin and with Plugin

WordPress created post revision after its WordPress version 2.6 which is a great feature for bloggers working on all WordPress platforms. WordPress saves the hosting space periodically from Old WordPress Post Revisions. Bloggers save a post or page many time, Saving the post multiple times uses a hosting space which has the bad effect for limited hosting users. After saving your old post, you convert it to a new post. Now there is no need for older data that saved the same post before the update.

Every additional Post Revisions increases the size of your database, which makes blog processing time consistently slow. As you would have also noticed As the post increases in your blog, post revisions also start increasing.

It is often used by bloggers working on VPS Hosting because Limited Hosting Space is promoted here. Even if you are using Shared Hosting, but if you are an advanced blogger then do not take it lightly. Today this space does not matter, but going ahead, so many Old Post Revisions will continue to waste your hosting SQL Database Space. Whether you are using Unlimited Shared Hosting, but it is also important to understand how much database optimization is necessary.

I’m going to tell you two ways in this post, which can better delete WordPress Post Revision. You can completely delete the old save file of Page, Post, and Related Meta Content, With this, delete the post revision, the size of the database is also reduced. By optimizing the database, there is a better option to increase the Blog Performance.

Method: 1

Delete WordPress Post Revisions Using WordPress Plugin

1.First of all, you should install the Optimize Database After Deleting Revisions Plugin and Activate.

2.After activating the plugin, do the settings according to the given screenshot below in the settings tab After that click on Click Here button as shown in the screenshot below.

3.Once you Save Settings according to the image given above. Then you will see the current setting in the next setting as shown below, In which you have to delete WordPress Post Revisions by clicking Start Optimization.

4.Apart from deleting post revisions, it has also been given the option to optimize your database, which is very good.

Congratulations You can now understand how much Database Optimize has done by looking at the list of Post Revisions Optimization Saving as shown above. It will check all the Database Tables along with the WordPress Old Post Revisions and tell you whether they are ok or not. You can test with just one click that all tables are working properly or not.

Just download the Delete Revision Plugin and activate it on your site to see what a lightweight and small WordPress database plugin can do for you.

Method: 2

Delete WordPress Post Revisions Without WordPress Plugin

Post revision has a great feature that WordPress has created but this is not the best choice for some users. Users who have limited database hosting or users who are using WordPress as a CMS, they do not need post revisions. You can disable the feature of WordPress Post Revisions by following this article without using Plugin as well at the same time, you can boost the speed of your website or blog by reducing the database size.

How to WordPress Post Revisions Delete Step by Step

  • Log in to Hosting CPanel.
  • Open the File Manager.
  • Click on Public-HTML.
  • Find and click the Wp-Config file which is in the root directory of WordPress.
  • Copy the given code below and paste it in the wp_config file just above the ABSPATH according to the given image.

define(‘AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL’, 300 ); // seconds

define(‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, false );

After saving this code, Any post modifications you have made earlier it will deactivate them all and this will increase your Post’s Autosave Time from 60 seconds to 300 seconds. From now onwards, your post will be saved every 5 minutes instead of every 1 minutes. Above code will not delete your previous post revisions that have already been saved in your database.

To delete all previous Post Revision, you have to run SQL Queries by visiting PHPMyAdmin mean we have to give the command to SQL Queries. Please Follow the following steps for this.

  • Log in to Hosting CPanel.
  • Go to PHPMyAdmin.
  • Copy the given code below.
  • Run the SQL Queries after pasting the code in the Hosting Database.

 DELETE FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type = “revision”;

In this way, all types of Old Post Revisions will be deleted from the hosting database.

AttentionKeep in mind that if you fail to run SQL Queries in it, then use Plugin. This article is for those people who want to reduce the size of their database in the current situation and want to optimize your blog speed and database. 50% of bloggers fail in it. First of all, backup your website and then use the without plugin method.

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