How To Boost your Website Conversion Rate in 5 easy ways

Having a good conversion rate is the indication that your website is doing well. The website conversion rate is the estimated number of potential customers that make a purchase. The goal of any website is to create a smooth and seamless experience for the users that will generate valuable business leads. No doubt lead generation is the most important aspect of any website. While getting traffic to your website can be quite easy but the conversion rate is what will determine the success of your website. A website might have huge site traffic and low conversion rate which isn’t favorable, you need traffic to convert it into sales. There are certain measures that a website owner can implement to boost the website conversion rate.

Give Credibility assurance

If you have a startup business, the first thing you need to do is provide credible assurance to the visitors. Before becoming your potential clients and making a purchase, customers need to build trust in your business to buy from you. In this case, authentic reviews and feedback help in customers to learn more about your product and services. People tend to make a purchase from websites that have good reviews. Positive reviews can help establish trust in your company which will consequently increase your website conversion rate. You can post relevant links on the website sources and ask your potential customers to leave a testimonial that will make the decision making of a customer easy.

Keep the users engages and solve their queries

If people make an online purchase from your website, they get curious and want to be served immediately as they get impatient if their queries don’t get solved. From shipping to dispatching the product to delivery time, they want to know the details. Providing the users informed by sending the complete details of their order via email represents good customer service. Moreover, you can provide the visitor’s assistance through Live Chat. The immediate response from the website can ensure a smooth experience and generate sales. Providing good customer service will make people happy and they will more favorably become your potential customer.

Add Images and Videos (Visuals)

Adding visual demonstration really compliments the website. Visualization has the power to attract people’s eye and engage people. Presenting your product with an Image or making a video will greatly impact your website authority. Rather than writing about your product and service you can display it in the form of Image or a video. This will help your product gain visibility and makes it easy to sell.

Optimize your site mobile friendly

Research has shown that websites get more mobile visits today. Mobile friendly sites have gained great value since more and more people have started using mobile devices, tablets, iPads etc. Therefore optimizing your site for mobile will drive higher visibility which will consequently convert visitors to become potential clients. Don’t forget to include your contact details which will boost conversion rate.

Offer something valuable (Incentives)

A powerful way to improve the conversion rate of your site is to offer customers something of value after every now and then. Be it special discounts or a website redesign can improve the visibility of the website. Anything your website offers should be worthy enough to compel the visitors to make a purchase and create a good reputation for your company. In achieving great conversion rate, the website owner needs to carefully alter the website visibility by making it user-friendly and improving value to the customer.
The website strategy isn’t aimed at achieving traffic to your website. In fact, it’s centered on boosting the conversion rate. The above-mentioned ways are steps to grow traffic and conversions of your site.

Contributed By Nancy Lamas

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